If You’ve Got 5 Minutes a Day, You Can Transform Your Health!

Many of us battle endlessly with workouts, diets, and the juggling act that defines modern life.

Guess what? Better health is closer than you think!

The MindFirst Introduction Series

Over five weekdays you will receive five short videos introducing a step by step method to transform your health and well-being. You’ll learn to…

  • Make exercise a true craving
  • Reduce stress and boost your energy
  • Change how you think about healthy foods
  • Make healthy, lasting lifestyle changes


Introduction to MindFirst (1:43)

What Out Members Are Saying (1:45)

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The MindFirst program is projected to launch June 15th, 2018.

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I wish a program like MindFirst had come into my life 10 years ago. I am a more patient and present parent, a better husband, and plain and simply feel better about myself!
David C.

Real Estate Broker

I honestly never imagined that such a simple task as meditating could change my life. I’m sleeping better and my anxiety is all but gone.
Susan F.

Office Manager

Thank you MindFirst! I’m less stressed; I’m enjoying healthy meals, I’ve begun a daily exercise routine and have lost 52 pounds! Friends, co-workers and family have all made remarks on how good I look and how happy I am.
Nancy M.

Account Manager

I want to thank you for all you are doing to help me. This program has impacted my life in many ways. It has definitely helped me to think before I eat but most of all I feel calmer and happier.
James K.


Words cannot describe what MindFirst has meant to me. My mind was always racing, causing me to be under constant stress. As a result of the MindFirst program, I am dramatically less stressed, I am happier, healthier and more content. For the first time I feel I’m in total control of my life!
Karen T.

Small Business Owner

About Us
MindFirst Health & Fitness is dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier, more balanced lives. Our focused approach teaches strategies and techniques to create and maintain sustainable behavior changes. Our focus is on the whole person, both mind and body. We can help dramatically reduce the stresses of daily life, open up a whole new world of healthy foods that taste great, and make exercise the most enjoyable part of the day. We’ll help you start slowly and create new habits that can last a lifetime.


Our Nutrition sessions bring you the most up to date information and research on nutrition, and how it directly impacts your health. Starting with the basics like deciphering product labels, you will work your way through an array of interesting and pertinent information, such as phytonutrients, and why certain fruits and vegetables high in phytonutrients greatly reduce your risks of cancer! We will give you the the information you need not only to help you eat healthier more nutritious foods, but also to get more enjoyment out of the foods you do eat!

Mind & Body

You will be exposed to cutting edge techniques to help not only deal with the stresses of daily life, but in many cases eliminate them! You will begin to understand how your mind works, and how habits are created. You will come to a better understanding of Mindfulness and Presence, and the tremendous impact both can have on your life and on society as a whole. This understanding will help you get more enjoyment and appreciation out of each and every day.


In our fast paced world exercise often takes a back seat. Designed by world renowned author and exercise physiologist Dr. Wayne Westcott, our MindFirst workouts allow you to get a great workout in the comfort of your own home in just twenty minutes! In the time it takes to pack up to go to a traditional gym, you can be finished with one of our highly motivating Cardio, Strength, or Yoga workouts. Our exercise program allows you to start slowly and progress at your own pace, with the goal of making exercise the most enjoyable part of your day.

Introduction to MindFirst (Extended Version 5:26)

More From Our Members (1:10)

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