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Completely change your approach to weight loss!

No credit card required for free trial. Then, only $3/week – that’s less than a cup of coffee!

multi-generational women

“I’m living my life to the fullest!”

Discover the MindFirst way

Learn how a healthy, vibrant lifestyle can be yours

Program Includes

Calm the mind, free the body
100s of meditations to support your weight loss journey
Change your relationship with food
Weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week
100s of simple, great tasting recipes
Online planning and logging tools
Let’s make fitness fun!
100s of workouts videos/audios for every fitness level
Quick, insightful and easy to apply, accessible anytime in just minutes a day
Receive support, camaraderie and inspiration from the MindFirst community

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“As my eating habits changed, so did my energy. This newfound connection of mind & body really worked for me.”

52 pounds lost!


“I am fascinated by the psychology behind MindFirst. Learning to change my self image made all the difference in the world.”

45 pounds lost!

“I gained a new perspective on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness giving me the ability to rewrite my whole life story.”

71 pounds lost!

Begin your transformation today!

“The 5 minute lessons are spot on…
I learn something new every day. I listen on my drive to work and got hooked!”

50 pounds lost!

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No credit card required for free trial. Then, only $3/week – that’s less than a cup of coffee!

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Mary Kate

Mary Kate Keyes MS RD, Visiting Professor Nutritional Sciences