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MindFirst / About Us

MindFirst was formed out of the frustration with the weight loss and fitness programs available. Nothing offered lasting results. MindFirst is a unique program integrating mindfulness, nutrition and fitness, designed for lasting weight loss. Each aspect of the program is led by experts in their respective field, with Mary Kate Keyes as our resident nutrition expert, Dave Gleason representing fitness, and Bob Jacobs delivering mind & body. Working with psychologists, neuroscientists and meditation teachers, MindFirst has developed a program that our members refer to as “life-changing.”

We discovered that people could lose weight, but that 95% gained it back within 1-2 years because they stopped eating healthy and exercising. We knew positive thinking and visualization techniques worked to help athletes and business people to develop successful habits, and we knew it would also work to develop a healthy lifestyle. We set out to integrate the great elements of fitness and nutrition that already existed with the “mind” strategies and techniques that had been successful in other areas of life.

5 years ago, we started testing our theories and they worked. We have refined the process so it is easy to consume and easier to make a part of your life. The program delivers curriculum-based educational material in 5-minute, bite-sized pieces and supports the educational process with great recipes, exercise videos and even an extensive meditation library to support the weight loss journey.