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MindFirst / Nutrition  / Are Smoothies Healthy?

Are Smoothies Healthy?

Smoothies – those creamy concoctions we love, but are they a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

YES…. and no (read on man!) Smoothies can be an awesome way to get vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein but fill that blender with sugar and fat, and your smoothie may be no better than a buttery croissant and jam.

A great smoothie is first: not that big! A 8-12 ounce glass should be about your serving.

And second, a great smoothie is made with a protein base (think: yogurt, tofu, or maybe even a protein powder), water or milk and some frozen fruit and/or veggies. I love yogurt and frozen berries with a little spinach. The yogurt for creaminess, the fruit for sweetness and the spinach – just for the heck of it!

Smoothies can shift into the dessert category when you add: syrups, a lot of fruit juice and of course ice cream.

Keep is simple, keep it real, and start our day off right.

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