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Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness Every Single Day

Mindfulness can help clear our minds and relieve stress. So, theoretically, it shouldn’t be overwhelming or stressful to incorporate mindfulness into our routines. But human beings are pretty great at complicating things, aren’t they?

So if you’re like most people, this list of simple ways to practice mindfulness everyday might be helpful. Print it out, put it on your fridge or keep it at your desk at work. It’s not hard to incorporate mindfulness…you’ll see!

Be Present For Routine Activities

There are some habitual things we do every day, like our commutes or brushing our teeth. Instead of running on autopilot for these types of chores, we can practice mindfulness by focusing on the smells, sounds, tastes, sights, and feelings we experience as we complete them.

Wake Up Consciously

Set a calm, accepting, and positive mood for the day by meditating when the alarm goes off. Try to practice your mindfulness before watching TV or checking your cell phone.

Fully Experience A Meal

From the moment you start preparing food to your last bite, reflect on all the emotions and senses that go along with cooking. How does it feel and sound to cut vegetables? What are the smells while the food is cooking? How does the food taste, and what emotions do you experience while eating it?

Take Advantage Of Long Lines

If you’re waiting in traffic, at checkout in a store, or for an event to start, use the time to be mindful. This would be an excellent time to focus on your breath, instead of the frustration of waiting, or to appreciate the ‘scene’ that is unfolding around you from the cashier to other motorists and customers. There’s never a shortage of interesting things to be observed when you’re observing mindfulness!

Select A Constant Reminder

Develop a habit of taking a moment to be mindful every time you see a certain object or a certain event takes place. For example, practice your mindfulness whenever you run the dishwasher, pass by a picture on the wall, or receive an email from your boss.

Notice Your Breath Throughout The Day

If you notice that your breath is becoming shallow or quick, take a moment to focus on your inhales and exhales. This technique can instantly help you feel more present, and can also offer some calm and focus.

Reflect On Your Urges And Cravings

We don’t need to act on every craving and urge we feel, but we don’t need to completely dismiss them, either. If we are mindful in these moments, then we can fully experience our emotions and move through them.

Love Your Chores

Back to those chores again…Cleaning the dishes, folding laundry, and vacuuming probably feel like tasks, even burdens. But there are a multitude of wonderful sensations, such as the warm, soapy water, the textures of each piece of clothing, and the hum of the vacuum that can help turn our chores into moments of mindfulness.

Commit To Five Minutes Of Stillness

Limiting distractions can help you feel more present, aware, and reflective. Dedicate five or more minutes of your day to turn off all electronics, sit in a comfortable position, and focus on what it feels like to just exist. Try to focus on your breath and clear your mind.

Create A List Of What You’re Grateful For

Part of mindfulness is gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness. Making a list of all of the wonderful aspects of your life can help you appreciate each person and moment more.

Try Meditation Minutes

Set a timer for one minute. Try to focus on your breath, and only your breath, for the full sixty seconds and refocus as many times as you need to if you get lost in thoughts. Even one minute of mindfulness can be helpful if you’re feeling stressed.

Take A Walk

Escape into nature and awaken your senses. Feel the sun and wind, enjoy the natural colors, smell the leaves or freshly cut grass, and appreciate the changes in your muscles as you get some exercise.

So Let’s Recap:

Mindfulness is wonderful for our wellbeing. Luckily, it fits easily into the things we do daily.

With a little practice, and a little dedication, mindfulness can become part of your life. And every day you can be on your way to a happier, healthier, more balanced you.


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