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Frequently Asked Questions

MindFirst / Frequently Asked Questions
What Is MindFirst?

MindFirst is more than a weight loss program – it’s a new way of life. Our unique program integrates mindfulness, nutrition and fitness, designed not just to help you lose the weight, but to keep it off…for good. Using scientifically tested techniques that engage both your body and your mind, MindFirst allows you to make healthy, lasting lifestyle changes. You’ll transform the way you think about healthy eating, reduce stress, boost your energy, and get the body you’ve always dreamed of! What if just minutes a day could get you closer to the person you want to be?

What Isn't MindFirst?

MindFirst is not a diet – it is a healthy lifestyle program that will lead to permanent weight loss. In regards to food, there are no restrictions, or “have to’s.” You will not be counting points or calories. You will slowly replace processed foods that harm our bodies with whole, or minimally processed foods. You’ll learn about the proper mix of proteins, carbs and fats that will properly fuel your body and then we’ll help you find healthy, nutritious foods you truly enjoy.

What Makes MindFirst Different?

Our approach can take longer to lose weight than programs that focus on points, calories or restrictions, but when you do, it stays off. Our approach is to develop an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle, as opposed to counting calories or assigning points to foods. Weight loss is a by-product of your healthy way of living and will not be something you have to work at.

How Does It Work?

You can access our daily lessons, meditations, recipes, workouts and more – anytime, anywhere – all from our online platform.

Our program revolves around three daily activities. For your first 14 days, they will take 10 minutes a day combined: 

  • Daily Lesson
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
How Much Does It Cost?

We are offering an 8 Week Total Transformation for just $99.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit www.mfhf.com/sign-up and enter your name and e-mail address, check the box that you’re interested in the 8 Week Total Transformation and click ‘Submit.’ You’ll receive an email to your inbox right away with a link to confirm your account.