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MindFirst / The MindFirst Program / Mindfulness

Think your way healthy.

Mindfulness is the key to permanent weight loss.

The most common term our members use to describe their experience with MindFirst is “life-changing!”

Incorporating the calming, rejuvenating practice of meditation, our mindfulness-based approach gives you profound and lasting results. You’ll discover the incredible power your thoughts and emotions have on your overall well-being. You’ll find yourself more relaxed and less reactive making lasting change easier (and more enjoyable) than you ever thought possible.

Reducing stress and changing your mindset will allow you to watch the pounds melt away!

Research has shown that meditation helps with binge eating and emotional eating by making you more aware of emotional triggers. The more immediate payoff is that meditation reduces the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol which triggers our body to store fat. Time Magazine called mindfulness and meditation “the antidote for the fast-paced lifestyle we lead in the 21st century.”

The most common thing our members say is that they never realized how much stress they were under until it was gone! 

``I never realized how stressful trying to losing weight could be. The practice of mindfulness has made all the difference. Thank you MindFirst!`` - David C., down 26 pounds

How the MindFirst Method Works

Developing Habits

We’d all like to develop healthy, productive habits and break bad ones. Through the MindFirst curriculum, you will discover the groundbreaking science behind The Habit Loop – a simple, three-step process that so many of our members have found life-altering!


Research studies have proven that we spend half our lives somewhere other than “where we are,” worrying about the past or feeling anxious about the future. Mindfulness invites you to live more of your life in the “present moment,” thus reducing stress and anxiety, and improving your outlook on life.

Daily Mindful Moment

Weight Loss Meditations

Meditations are targeted to remove barriers you may be experiencing along your weight loss journey.

Mindful Meditations

Starting with just minutes a day, you can gradually master a practice that will increase your capacity to slow down and enjoy a calmer, more relaxed state of being while increasing focus and productivity.

Here’s a sneak peek into our “Learning to Meditate” series.

Want to try another meditation? You’ll have full access to our Mindful and Weight Loss Meditations during your free trial!


Meet Your Mindfulness Coach

“I’ve lived the MindFirst journey and I’m excited to share with you the incredible impact mindfulness, meditation, and unlocking the power of habit can have on one’s health. I’ll be here every week of your journey to help you understand, think about, and practice the MindFirst way, and to celebrate with you as you manage stress and shrink the number you see on the scale!”

Bob Jacobs
Founder & CEO, MindFirst