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Ready to get off the weight loss rollercoaster?

The foods you choose to nourish your body should never be determined by the impact on the scale.

In our daily 5 minute lessons, our Registered Dietician Mary Kate Keyes, will teach you a new approach to eating that fuels your body for optimum weight loss. You will discover delicious foods that boost your metabolism, increase your energy and keep you fuller longer. You will learn strategies for meal planning, for curbing cravings and much more.  And the best part is our mindfulness approach to nutrition helps you completely reshape the way you think about food… so you will never diet again

``MindFirst has completely changed my approach to food and weight loss. I never realized how much of my focus was on the foods I shouldn’t eat. Thank you Mary Kate for helping me realize that healthy food can and does taste great!`` - Steve T., down 43 pounds

What Your Membership Includes

Exclusive Nutrition Tools for MindFirst Members

Recipes and meal plans

Food label scanning and tracking

Customized recommended daily ranges

Hundreds of healthy delicious recipes

Cultivating habits to healthful eating

Community support

Mary Kate

Meet Your Nutritionist

“Mindful eating means you can enjoy all the foods you love, even chocolate cake! But it also means choosing foods that will fuel your body to peel away the pounds effortlessly. Just give me 5 minutes a day, and you’ll never diet again. Let’s do this!” 

Mary Kate Keyes
Registered Dietician